Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, (re)elected yearly, meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for the overall programmatic and financial direction of the organization. The Auditing Committee, also elected on a yearly basis, is responsible for overall reports of the Adam Institute. All members of the board serve on a voluntary basis. The Board represents a cross-section of Israeli society.


Chair, Ms. Nava Eisin:

Archivist.  A member of Na’amat (Movement of Working Women & Volunteers) and the National Secretariat of the Union of Academics in Humanities.

Amnon_VarnerMr. Amnon Werner:

Author, educator, pedagogical instructor, storyteller. Kibbutz Carmia member. Volunteer at “The Parents Circle – Families Forum” (PCFF); and Volunteer in “Push” organization  that aims to give a “push” to less advantaged children by tutoring them within the framework of the public school system.

Ms. Erella Hadar: 

Former Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic in Prague. She headed the Human Rights Department in the International Organizations Division of the Ministry. Volunteers at Kav La’Oved and Physicians for Human Rights (Israel).


Rabbi Benny Perl:

Educator, founder and Dean of the Yeshiva for Science and the Arts.

Ms. Anat Wallenberger

History Researcher at Yad VaShem, Jerusalem.  Environmental Activist.  

Adnan Duoud, Architect. 

Heads a private engineering firm and owns a construction company (“HaMeshulash”). Resides in Kfar Kassem.

Attorney Adel Frige

Owns a private legal consultation firm providing services to local authorities and to individuals. Resides in Kfar Kassem.


Dr. Yoav Silbert:

Lecturer on the Philosophy and History of Education at Beit Berl College and Levisnky College. Provides voluntary help to Palestinian farmers, primarily through Rabbis for Human Rights.

Miriam Goldstein:

Educator focused on creative education, eurhythmics and motion

Dalia Ganor

Active in the Association of Foreign Diplomats’ Wives in Israel and in cultural institutions in Herzliya. Volunteers as Hebrew teacher.

Members of the Auditing Committee

Lior Zamir

CEO of the Institute for the Sorting and Marketing of Eggs.   Board member of ECF, an NPO that facilitates collaborations with Palestinians in economic and agricultural initiatives. Joined the Auditing Committee in March 2012.

Adi Rosental:

Expert on the organization and management of social and economic systems.



leaLeah Tobaias, Exacutive Director


okiDr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Academic Director


YolandaYolanda Greenhut, Projects & Publication Manager



Tamar Gridinger, Educational Programs Manager



Kamel Abu-Rabia, Educational Programs Manager



Saber Rabi, Educational Programs Manager


Deganit Ben Shitrit, Resource Development   Tl. 972-2-6448290


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Tel. 972-2-6448290  Fax 972-2-6448293

Sun-Thur. 08:30-16:00