First Steps in Democracy: Promoting a democratic way of life in the kindergarten

Adam ABC English-01

The program “First Steps in Democracy”, is based on the “The ABC of Democracy” program and methodology. The aims are to instil and foster social behavioural skills based on humanistic and democratic values in kindergarten-age children. The children are introduced to concepts and values such as recognizing the right to equality, accepting those who are different and making fair agreements. They are encouraged to make independent decisions and to respect the choices of others. They learn how to integrate their inner emotional feelings with rational thinking in daily life and to cope with the contradictions that arise between their desires, needs and their rights as individuals and of being part of a group within the kindergarten. The program enables empowerment and the development of personal and social skills – the ability to express opinions and standpoints, development of flexible and creative thinking, and strengthening a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Educational Method

The program is modular, introduced gradually by our certified instructors, with pace largely determined by the child’s emotional, cognitive and social development. The program utilizes arts and crafts, role-playing, music, storytelling and other age-appropriate activities to get the best out of young children throughout Israel. The diverse creative means used in the workshops enable all children to take part and to express themselves in the most suitable way according to their abilities.