Entering the Arena: Empowering Bedouin Women to Become Decision-Makers

Despite the improvement in Bedouin women’s education status and entrepreneurial ventures while living in a conservative, tribal community, they are consistently excluded from formal decision-making bodies, leaving their needs and interests unrepresented in local government.A3 rollup

The project aims to address the exclusion of Bedouin women from decision-making positions at the local levels, specifically in local councils in the Negev.

Adam Institute together with Amerat of the Desert, a local Bedouin Women NGO will strive to create a non-partisan cadre of qualified Bedouin women involved in local politics, assist this cadre in implementing activities in their communities aimed at increasing acceptance and support for women’s involvement in local politics and their inclusion on local lists.

The program will provide 60 Bedouin women with trainings and necessary tools and skills for effective and formal political participation. It will increase Bedouin women democratic literacy in local politics and support them to become leaders in local politics by the 2018 local council elections in Israel.

The program is funded by MEPI (U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative). The program team may not recommend joining or promoting a particular list in local council elections.MEPI-logoAmerat_logo

“The Return of the Public Sphere”: A civil society leadership development program

A program aimed at developing the infrastructure for democratic civic action as a tool for fostering positive societal changes, whether economic, social or political. The program’s training provides young Israeli and Palestinian activists with professional tools for developing and implementing joint cross-border and/or intra-community projects, based on the principles of democracy and peace and on creating an innovative civil society-oriented language for project management. The program has been implemented over 3 years 2011-2014. Learn more.



Entering the Arena: Women, Politics and Peace-building (2013-2015)

A program that trains and empowers women for political and social leadership. The program aims to generate a large cadre of young, peace-committed Palestinian and Israeli women leaders, who will become the next generation of influential political leaders in the region, effecting a meaningful and enduring change vis-à-vis women’s status in government and in relation to peace negotiations specifically. The program has been implemented over two years 2013-2015. Learn more.