Invitation to an international Online Course:

With Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace

The course comprises 6 two-hour sessions in English in June and July on Wednesdays:

June 16th, 23rd, 30th;   July 14th, 21st, 28th   

TIME: 18.00- 20.00 CET (19.00-21.00 Jerusalem time)

The course will help educators, political activists, Betzavta method facilitators and others to run seminars with groups, helping them to understand the importance of voting and taking active part in the process of the elections.

The Adam Institute trained facilitators in Germany using the “Betzavta-Adam Institute’s facilitation method” for more than twenty years. While this program was designed with that community in mind, it is open to every participant for whom this topic is engaging – and wants to explore it from a different perspective.

In September 2021, Germany will hold parliamentary elections. For those eligible to do so, it will be time to exercise their fundamental democratic right to vote and be elected. This election falls after a year-plus of the Corona-pandemic in which several fundamental rights were restricted to save lives. Dissatisfaction is widespread regarding political decisions and management, especially in terms of vaccinations and lockdown regulations. People living in Germany have been affected unequally by the pandemic and Corona-related restrictions. Nor is there equality in their entitlement to vote and be elected. In the last elections, almost ¼ of the electorate did not vote. The right-wing populist party “Alternative für Deutschland” mobilized most of the nonvoters and became the third strongest party in the elections.

Every vote matters. Civic education, in particular education for democracy, bears key responsibility for mobilizing people to exercise their right to vote. There’s a great deal at stake; this is the time for people to influence the kind of democratic, post-pandemic future they wish to have.

This seminar prepares civic educators for pre-election courses and activities. We’ll delve into the following topics:

  • Different meanings of the Equal Right to Vote (equal access)
  • Different meanings of the Equal Right to be elected
  • Importance of voting
  • What obligations derive from the aforementioned rights & to whom do they apply?
  • Barriers to exercising those rights
  • Exclusion of women, immigrants, and more vulnerable populations from the voting process and ways to deal with them
  • Direct and representative democracy: alternatives to existing voting methods
  • Methods to encourage voting and remove emotional, legal and structural barriers.

The course will be taught via interactive workshops, employing the Adam Institute’s signature “Betzavta – the Adam Institute’s Facilitation Method“, taught by its creator, Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman. The award-winning “Betzavta” method is rooted in an empirical approach to civic education, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

Participants can experientially examine their stances on key issues and central dilemmas that are part of voting rights. This educational approach allows experts in the field a new experience in clarifying the basic issues and principles in as they relate to democratic principles.

Participants will receive a certificate upon course completion. This certificate allows graduates of the “Betzavta” training to facilitate this course to other groups. For newcomers, it provides a window into the subject matter/process, and allows them to join group facilitation courses taught around the world in English, Arabic, Hebrew, German and Polish.

Cost for a six-session package:

100€ (minimum)250€350€Other (over 100 €)
(125 US dollars)(310 US dollars)(430 US dollars)


The pricing scale is intended to make this affordable for all. If you cannot pay the proposed course fee, please let us know what you can financially contribute. We do not want monetary reasons to be a cause for exclusion.  We appreciate your generously paying a higher fee, as it covers the costs of those who cannot afford it.

Payment invoice will be sent after registration; please confirm to pay in full within 7 days upon receipt of invoice. Details on transferring payment will be sent along with the invoice. Upon payment, a digital receipt will be provided.


We kindly ask you to register in English via this Google form link:

OR email: Ruth Ebenstein, Director of Communications & Resource Development: and

  • Your name, address and email
  • Experience in facilitating groups in general and any particular experience in the “Betzavta” method (no prerequisite for course participation)
  • The amount you can pay


The Adam Institute, established in 1987, is an educational NGO that promotes mutual respect, tolerance and coexistence across religious, ethnic and national groups in Israel and the region. Its work has garnered six prestigious awards, including the “Speaker of the Knesset” Prize, and the Germany Foreign Ministry’s Shimon Peres Prize for the “More than One Democracy” project.  AI reaches 10,000 individuals annually via programs implemented in formal education, civil society and internet-based activities. AI has published 30 books and manuals in Hebrew and Arabic. Its online forum provides educational materials and a platform to share knowledge and discussion.