About us

דמות מול מראה

The Adam Institute is an Israeli non-profit, educational organization that works to create a culture of peace, mutual respect, tolerance and co-existence across religious, ethnic and national groups in Israeli society and the region. The organization’s Hebrew name “Adam”, meaning “human”, was chosen based on the founders’ understanding that human equality is the basis for leading a life centered on the values of democracy and peace. Our staff, including Arab and Jewish, secular and religious individuals, embody our core principles of pluralism and equality and reflects the ethnic mix of the participants in our programs.

Since 1987, the Adam Institute has been developing innovative educational programs that are implemented in the formal education system and in other social and cultural frameworks. All these programs are based on Adam’s unique educational method developed by Dr. Uki Maroshek: “The Betzavta method – Converting Conflicts into Dilemmas” (Betzavta, literally meaning “Together” in Hebrew). Activities that we do range from democracy and civic education in schools and community organizations to cross-cultural, cross-border and international initiatives. We organize seminars, conferences, workshops and ongoing courses consisting of professional training and enrichment, multicultural encounters and incentives for developing community projects that promote social change. Our programs are modular in nature and are adjusted according to the age, culture and specific needs of the participants and groups with whom we work.

The Adam Institute has published numerous books, training manuals, and periodicals, in both Hebrew and Arabic (some translated and published in English, German and Polish). Our online forums provide additional channels to share information and educational material, including a Facebook page aimed at combating racism and incitement in Israel.

The Adam Institute has received several notable awards for our work in promoting democracy and tolerance in the region, including the Speaker of the Knesset and Yigal Alon awards.

The Adam Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under Israeli law (No.580115541). It is recognized as a public institute for donations (under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance) and every donation is tax deductible.