Betzavta+: Advanced Training Course

This 4-day advanced training introduces participants to educational programs that build upon the Betzavta Method, with an updated approach to the methodology. These include: There Is No Single Democracy (available in German), ABC in Democracy (for younger ages, also available in German), Civic Calendar, and more.

Topical Expansions

These topics may be integrated into the Betzavta+ course or be offered as stand-alone training.

  • Social-Democratic Approaches to the Environment: Creating equitable solutions to environmental problems, which affect different groups today and future generations.
  • Workers’ Rights and the Right to Employment: Retaining workers’ rights in a rapidly changing and globalized world.
  • Immigration, Emigration, and Democracy: Applying democratic thought to multiplicities of identity and different spheres of belonging (civil, residential, migrant workers, etc.).
  • The Right to Dignity and the Obligation to Respect: Democratic values within a multi-cultural society.
  • Between Civil Service and the Business Sector: Adopting democratic principles to manage civil society organizations and civic-democratic services.
  • Gender, Democracy, and Social-Political Reality: A democratic exploration of the #MeToo movement.