The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace is pleased to offer Betzavta+, an advanced training course of 5-days for Betzavta facilitators.

Betzavta, a unique method of education for democracy, was developed by Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, the Academic Director of Adam Institute. Its basic manual, first published in Hebrew in 1988 (and later also in English, Arabic, German, Polish and other languages), has been taught and implemented by Adam staff for over 25 years, and is currently being taught and implemented by many organizations across Europe and the rest of the world. Throughout the years, Dr. Maroshek-Klarman, in collaboration with Adam staff, has expanded the basic concepts in several directions and adapted the methodology to current times. These expansions include educational programs such as There Is No Single Democracy (recently available in German), ABC in Democracy (for younger ages, also available in German), Civic Calendar, and more, as well as exploration of additional themes such as multiculturalism, feminism, sustainability, civic society, democratization of the education system, and democracy in the age of internet and globalization.

In light of these developments, the need for advanced training for trainers became apparent, and we are offering such a course in English, either as a seminar in Israel for facilitators or in the form of “in-house” training for organizations teaching or implementing Betzavta. Each 5-day Betzavta+ course will provide an overview of the methodological developments as well as practical examples and workshops. Additionally, the general course can be tailored to focus on one of the themes mentioned above (e.g., feminism, globalization), or on a particular educational program developed as a Betzavta expansion.

  1. A. Advanced training in Israel: The first Betzavta+ course in Israel is tentatively scheduled for September 2014. Interested organizations and individuals are invited to contact Adam to receive more information. The estimated cost per participant per course is 950 euros for 5 days, including accommodation (full board) but not including flights. The price of the training course solely (without accommodation) is 500 euros per participant per course.
  1. B. In-house training: Interested organizations are invited to contact Adam to discuss dates and options. It is expected that the host organization will take care of administrative and hosting arrangements for the course (e.g., recruitment, registration, facilities, etc.), as well as the costs of travel and accommodation for Adam staff (full board). Adam will provide the training program and facilitation, at a cost of 1200 euro per facilitation day (not inclusive of expenses), to be paid by the host organization.

We hope you will find these courses relevant for your work and join us for a unique learning experience.

For more information, please contact us via email:

* A Betzavta Basic training course for educators and facilitators is also available, please contact us for details.