Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace is pleased to offer a special 5-day training course on Betzavta (“Together”, in Hebrew), a unique method of education for democracy. The method was developed by Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, the Academic Director of Adam Institute, and its basic manual was published in Hebrew in 1988, and has since been translated into English, Arabic, German and other languages. It has received great acclaim and is currently implemented by hundreds of facilitators and educators in a variety of formal and informal educational settings throughout Israel, Europe and the rest of the world.

Betzavta aims to educate for an active recognition of freedom as an equal right to all individuals, cultural, ethnic or national groups, a task that is both engaging and challenging.  Through hands-on activities, games, and small group discussions, Betzavta facilitators heighten participants’ awareness of the rights guaranteed in a democracy and the difficulties that arise when these rights conflict with one another.  The method encourages participants to reframe these external conflicts as internal dilemmas, providing all sides with an incentive to look beyond all-or-nothing solutions, and to generate solutions that benefit everyone.

Rather than imparting knowledge and skills, the role of the trainer in a Betzavta seminar is to facilitate and guide the discussion, and to challenge participants on their role in the group process. Adam’s Betzavta Basic “training for trainers” seminar aims to prepare educators and trainers for their role as facilitators for democracy in their individual school systems and communities. The content of the course focuses on learning the principles of democracy and educational methods for facilitating the experiential learning of others.

The course in now offered in English, either as a seminar in Israel for facilitators or in the form of “in-house” training for organizations interested in teaching or implementing Betzavta. Each 5-day Betzavta Basic course will provide an overview of the philosophical and methodological principles behind Betzavta, as well as experiential learning of instructional material and methods for teaching democracy*.

  1. A. Basic training in Israel: The first Betzavta Basic course in Israel is tentatively scheduled for October/November 2014. Interested organizations and individuals are invited to contact Adam to receive more information. The estimated cost per participant per course is 950 euros for 5 days, including accommodation (full board) but not including flights. The price of the training course solely (without accommodation) is 500 euros per participant per course.
  1. B. In-house training: Interested organizations are invited to contact Adam to discuss dates and options. It is expected that the host organization will take care of administrative and hosting arrangements for the course (e.g., recruitment, registration, facilities, etc.), as well as the costs of travel and accommodation for Adam staff (full board). Adam will provide the training program and facilitation, at a cost of 1200 euro per facilitation day (not inclusive of expenses), to be paid by the host organization.

We hope you will find these courses relevant for your work and join us for a unique learning experience.

For more information, please contact us via email:

* An advanced training for certified Betzavta trainers is also available, please contact us for details if interested.