The Betzavta Method (“Together”, in Hebrew), is a unique method of education for democracy, was developed by Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, the Academic Director of Adam Institute. Its basic manual, first published in Hebrew in 1989 (and later also in Arabic, English, German, Polish and other languages), has been taught and implemented by Adam staff for over 30 years. The Betzavta Method has been adopted by many organizations and institutions across Europe and the rest of the world.

The “Betzavta Method” aims to educate for an active recognition of freedom as an equal right to all individuals, cultural, ethnic or national groups, a task that is both engaging and challenging.  Through hands-on activities, games, and small group discussions, Betzavta facilitators heighten participants’ awareness of the rights guaranteed in a democracy and the difficulties that arise when these rights conflict with one another. The method encourages participants to reframe these external conflicts as internal dilemmas, providing all sides with an incentive to look beyond all-or-nothing solutions and to generate solutions that benefit everyone. Also available in German.


The Adam institute offers both in-person and online training courses,
Guidance/Supervision for Experienced Facilitators.


The attached map illustrates the distribution of the Method in the world.