Board members


Nava Eisin – Chair of the Board of Directors

Archivist (MA in archival and information studies, BA in theater and bible, teaching certificate). Directed Tel Aviv University’s Archive for Jewish Education. Member of NAAMAT and the National Secretariat of the Union of Academics in Humanities and Social Sciences.


Amnon Verner

Member of Kibbutz Carmiya. A retiree, writer, educator and pedagogue (MA in the sociology of education). A storyteller and writer/compiler of stories. Volunteer at The Parents Circle-Families forum and at “Push” to support disadvantaged children through tutoring at public schools.


Dr. Rabbi Benny Perl

educator & founder/principal of the Yeshiva High School for Science and the Arts; holds a doctorate in philosophy from Bar-Ilan University; alumnus of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem. Board member of ACRI (Association for Civil Rights in Israel)


Adan Daoud

architect. Heads a private engineering firm and owns the “Hameshulash” construction company in Kfar Kassem


Adel Frage Adv.

Owns a private firm for legal consultation providing legal counsel to regional councils and civic legal representation. A resident of Kfar Kassem.


Miriam Goldstein

educator of eurhythmics and movement; teaching certificate in physical education and music for early childhood


Dr. Yoav Silbert

lectures on philosophy and the history of education at Levinsky College, Beit Berl College and the Tel Aviv University’s School of Education. A retiree of the Education Ministry. Volunteers to help Palestinian farmers, primarily through “Rabbis for Human Rights”.


Ms. Erella Hadar

Former Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic in Prague (MA in history and international relations. Headed the Foreign Ministry’s Human Rights Department and represented Israel at the Geneva Convention on Refugees; volunteers at Workers Hotline and Physicians for Human Rights (Israel).


Peerli Shahar

a 25-year veteran writer, editor and presenter on Voice of Israel Radio. Spent 48 years in journalism, starting at Army Radio (first reporter on news programs), political reporter at Hadashot and Al Hamishmar. Currently active in nonprofits to support senior citizens, board member of AJEEC-NISPED in the Negev and Women Wage Peace

גיא בן שחר

Guy Ben Shahar

clinical social worker treating youth and adults at the “Center for Mental Health Lev Hasharon” in Netanya and a clinic in Ranana.

עמילי ענבר

Amily Inbar

educator and couples/family therapist, former senior adviser at the Ministry of Education’s counseling psychological services


Nicky Lachs

Nicky Lachs – clinical psychologist and peace/social change activist for several years

ענבל גור בן יצחק

Dr. Inbal Gur Ben Yithak

דוקטור במחשבת ישראל ופוסט דוקטורנטיתhas a doctorate in Jewish Thought from Ben-Gurion University and is completing a post-doctorate. Social activist and communal activist in Omer, where she lives.


Ishambal Almayou-Preiss

Educator/teacher at a school in Ashdod. MBA in human resources, social activist. Formerly director of Communal Relations at the “Association of Ethiopian Jews”, an advocacy organization that aims to change policies in the Knesset.

רעות פינגר דסברג

Dr. Adv. Reut Finger Dasburg

, an expert on law and politics. Researches the Supreme Court and its relationships to the Arab minority in Israel


Jonathan Maresky

– works in business development and marketing in Israeli and international high-tech. Graduate of Habonim-Dror youth movement in South Africa and North America.

Members of the Auditing Committee


Lior Zamir

CEO of the Institute for the Sorting and Marketing of Eggs (M.Sc.from the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Engineering). Board member of ECF, a nonprofit that facilitates collaborations with Palestinians in economic and agricultural initiatives. Joined the Auditing Committee in March 2012.


Adi Rosenthal

an expert in Expert on organizing and managing social and economic systems. Served until recently as community director at Kibbutz Palmahim and Director of Marketing and Customer Relationship for ORS Granot. (BA from the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture and EMBA, with a focus on strategic management).



Yolanda Greenhut
Projects & Publication Director



Saber Rabi
Educational Programs Director



Tamar Gridinger
Educational Programs Director



Ruth Ebenstein

Director of Communications and Resource Development


Kamel Abu-Rabia
Educational Programs Director


Facilitators and lecturers


Dr. Nitzan Rotem

BA in Cultural Studies in Research, MA in Sociology and Anthropology; Communication and Psychology classes. Group facilitation and social project management.


Dr Towibah Mjdoob

PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. Fellow of the Azrieli Foundation’s PhD / Postdoctoral Forum. In recent years, she has been assisting the community of asylum seekers in Israel (Sudanese and Eritreans), and in 2016 she volunteered to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos.


Yiftach Ashkenazi

ד”ר בספרות עברית אונ’ בן גוריון. סופר ומבקרAuthor, critic and researcher. His latest book Guy Ben Hinnom was published in the summer of 2019.


Dr. Ezri Amram

PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and serves as Secretary of the Israeli Anthropological Association. Bachelor’s degree in General History, Hebrew University, Master’s degree in conflict resolution and mediation from Tel Aviv University.

תמונת פרופיל

Moria Shuker Regev

Bachelor’s degree in International Relations Studies and Jewish Thought, Master’s degree in conflict management and resolution. Social activist and entrepreneur. Engaged in establishing, managing and accompanying projects.


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