Invitation to an Online Course on:

Conflict Resolution and Democracy: Groundbreaking narrative, reconciliation, recognition and forgiveness

With Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman

The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace has opened a new seminar to how the past relates to conflict resolution. In particular, we’ll dive into the “Betzavta- Adam Institute’s facilitation method” approach to groundbreaking narratives. This course is open to participants of previous “Conflict Resolution and Democracy” courses as well as newcomers.

The course comprises 6 two-hour sessions in English taught on Tuesdays in June and July: June 15th, June 22nd, June 29th, July 13th, July 20th, July 27th
TIME: 18.30- 20.30 CET; 19.30-21.30 JERUSALEM time

Discussion topics include:

  • Differences between conflict resolution that is resolved around needs, values, interests, or rights
  • Identifying a breakthrough narrative in conflict resolution – a new way to address how to relate to the past as well as different narratives in conflict resolution.
  • Multiculturalism in conflict resolution.
  • The role of forgiveness in conflict resolution – Is it necessary, and if so, when and
  • Recognition and Reconciliation – What do these concepts really mean?

The course will be taught via interactive workshops, employing the Adam Institute’s signature “Betzavta – the Adam Institute’s Facilitation Method”, taught by its creator, Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman. The award-winning “Betzavta” method is rooted in an empirical approach to civic education, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

Participants will have the opportunity to experientially examine their stances on key issues and central dilemmas that are part of conflict resolution. This educational approach allows experts in the field a new experience in clarifying the basic issues and principles in as they relate to democratic principles. The course has been adapted to facilitate vibrancy, excitement and emotional verve in the virtual classroom.

Participants will receive a certificate upon course completion. This certificate allows graduates of the “Betzavta” training to facilitate this course to other groups; for those who are new to our innovative method, this course provides a window into the subject matter and process and allows for joining our group facilitation courses taught around the world in various countries and languages, including English, Arabic, Hebrew, German and Polish.


The cost for a package of six sessions ranges:

100€ (minimum)250€350€Other (over 100 €)
(125 US dollars)(310 US dollars)(430 US dollars)

The pricing scale is intended to make this more affordable.

If you cannot pay the proposed course fee, please let us know what you can financially contribute. We don’t want monetary reasons to be a cause for exclusion.  If you can pay a higher fee, we greatly appreciate that generosity.

Payment invoice will be sent after registration; please confirm to pay in full within 7 days upon receipt on invoice. Details on transferring payment will be sent along with the invoice. Upon payment, a digital receipt will be provided.


We kindly ask you to register in English (if possible) via this Google form link:

If you prefer, you can email Ruth Ebenstein, Director of Communications & Resource Development: and 

With the following information:

  • Your name, address and email
  • Your experience in facilitating groups in general and any particular experience in the “Betzavta” method (no prerequisite for course participation)
  • The amount you can pay

For more information please contact us: