With Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Executive Director of The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace

The course will be taught over Six Meetings on Thursdays, on the following dates:
2.2.23 | 9.2.23 | 16.2.23 | 23.2.23 | 2.3.23 | 9.3.23
Time:  19:00 – 21:00 ((GMT+2))

This course is open to teachers/informal educators, parents, civil society activists, Betzavta method facilitators and the general public to explore how to actively teach democracy.

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How do we implement a democratic way of life at school?

Many democratic countries are in crisis; some are transitioning to more authoritarian regimes whereas others struggle with global/local changes, climate change, immigration, etc.

Democratic systems must be bolstered—and education is a vital means to do so.

Schools and educational institutions must gear up to prepare future citizens to preserve and protect democracy and teach skills to address new challenges.  Teaching democracy in this context ought to be experiential; it calls for developing critical and creative thinking on how to improve these institutions. This is an essential way to bolster our democracies.


  • Connection between teaching democracy and democratization of schools, including elementary, middle, high school, the academy and adult educational frameworks
  • Different methods to teach democracy – do they promote or stymie its advancement?
  • Experience needed to educate for democracy/be educated
  • Human rights, children’s rights and their role in the educational system
  • Existing/preferred models for teacher, parent and student participation at school
  • Different types of student councils and how to choose the best one for your school
  • Different types of election – what can/should be held at school
  • How should students/teachers prepare for school elections? Akin to regular elections?
  • Should freedom of expression/information be promoted at school? If so, how?
  • Employee and student rights – best ways to safeguard them overall/at school

The course will be taught via interactive workshops, employing the Adam Institute’s signature “Betzavta – the Adam Institute’s Facilitation Method“, taught by its creator, Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman. The award-winning “Betzavta” method is rooted in an empirical approach to civic education, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. This map shows some organizations globally that have used this approach. Testimonials are available here.

Cost for a six-session package:

  • Reduced fee: 100-200 € / 110-220$
  • Regular fee: 200-300€ / 220-320$
  • Solidarity fee: 300€ and more / 320$ and more

Pricing scale is intended to make this affordable for all. Larger fees enable participants to register who cannot cover the full course fee. Thank you for your generosity.

Payment details will be sent upon registration. 

For more information or any requests – please contact us:

 info@adaminstitute.org.il        info@adaminstitute.org.il>