The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace, established in 1987, is an educational NGO that promotes mutual respect, tolerance, coexistence and equality across religious, ethnic and national groups in Israel and the region. AI reaches thousands of Jews and Arabs annually through civil society programs and the informal/formal educational system, taught through the award-winning “Betzavta- Adam Institute’s facilitation method”, which experientially converts conflicts into dilemmas. AI has published 65 books and manuals in Hebrew and Arabic, with some also in German, English and Polish. AI’s Virtual Online Academy draws hundreds of students from around the world.

Teaching Democracy and Peace for our Shared Future

Social crises fuel increased division, Jewish-Arab tension, violence, and personal/economic insecurity. What’s needed is an educational response–and we know how to do it. The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace was founded in 1987 to teach democracy and peace and promote understanding of human/civil rights. Our programs foster democratic, respectful dialogue that allows polarized groups to connect—crucial for these tenuous times. Help us promote shared living based on democratic principles: equality, rights, tolerance, partnership, respect for other. Your donation will 100% support our shared future. For Donations:

Participants aged 5 to 90 Jews & Arabs, secular and religious, geographic/ socioeconomic periphery
Educational programs in Hebrew, Arabic and other languages
Jewish-Arab encounter groups
Facilitators trained in "Betzavta - Adam Institute's facilitation method (converting conflicts into dilemmas)

Conflict Resolution in the Context of Gender

Conflict resolution models have been primarily crafted and codified by men.
Its theorists. Perspectives. Approaches.
Few and far between are the models that have been fashioned by women*.
The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace invites you to be part of that much-needed change through taking an experiential and innovative Online Course:
„Conflict Resolution in the Context of Gender”

 Join us for the Adam Institute’s latest online course, Conflict Resolution in the Context of Gender. 

The course will be taught over Six Meetings on Thursdays: October 27th, November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th  and December 1st   18:00-20:00 (GMT+2)

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Gender in the context of democracy, war and peace

It’s a stunning paradox.

While women suffer tremendously from the effects of war, they’re rarely found at the decision-making table during times of violence—or even during times of peace. This is true also in democratic societies.

 Join us for the Adam Institute’s latest online course, Gender in the Context of Democracy, War and Peace“. 

The course will be taught over Six Meetings on Monday’s: August 15th, 22nd29th; September 6th, 12th, 19th   18:00-20:00 (GMT+2)

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Educational tools for addressing the effects of war

Educators around the world are challenged by discussing the effects of war. This is no simple feat. Answering these questions requires formulating principled positions on teaching democracy and peace and examining how to apply these positions in school activities, especially during times of war.

Taught with “Betzavta- Adam Institute’s facilitation method” Second Group Dates June 20th, 27th, July 4th Time: 17:00-20:00 CET

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Democracy is not Rocket Science Or Vice Versa. To listen or not to listen to the scientists.

TScience, Academia and Democracy – an Introduction.
The highly interactive workshop aims to clarify the ties between science, academia and democracy. In each of the six meetings the participants take part in a new activity which addresses specific aspects of how science/academia support or obstruct freedom and equality.

6 Meetings on Wednesday
30 March / 06 – 13 – 20 April / 11 – 18 May 2022
09.30 – 11.00 CET
Application Deadline Friday 24 March 2022

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Dare to Progress
Do you really want a system change?

The workshop is an introduction to the topic of progress and aims at clarifying what progress is by looking at who defines progress and identifying who is responsible for progress. For this, we experientially examine our stances on individual and societal progress.

6 Meetings on Mondays

03, 10, 17, 24, 31 January and 7 February 2021

09.30 – 11.00 CET

Application Deadline Sunday 29 December 2021

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Upcoming Courses

It is essential to develop women/non-binary’s singular voice on peacemaking & the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; its absence has led to the continued stymieing of peacemaking. This isn’t about replacing a war discourse with a peace discourse; it’s an alternative female/non-binary peace discourse.

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The course will be taught via interactive workshops, employing the Adam Institute’s signature “Betzavta – the Adam Institute’s Facilitation Method” taught by its creator, Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman.

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Past Courses

The course will help educators, political activists, Betzavta method facilitators and others to run seminars with groups, helping them to understand the importance of voting and taking active part in the process of the elections.

The course comprises 6 two-hour sessions in English in June and July on Wednesdays:

June 16th, 23rd, 30th;   July 14th, 21st, 28th   

TIME: 18.00- 20.00 CET (19.00-21.00 Jerusalem time). Click here

Violence – Is it a mere continuation of politics by other means?!

The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace and  Dr.-Ing. André Baier, coordinator of the Sustainability Certificate for Students at TU Berlin university students and recent graduates to register for a FREE online course on Violence, taught on Monday mornings in June and July 2021.







Violence – an Introduction, taught with the “Betzavta- Adam Institute’s facilitation method”

6 Meetings on Mondays

14, 21, 28 June and 12, 19, 26 July, 2021

09.30 – 11.00 CET 

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Money makes the world go round Can the world not turn by itself? 

Technische Universität Berlin and Adam Institute Invitation to an online  Workshop on Money and Private Property:

6 Meetings on the following Tuesdays: April 6/13/20/27   and  May 4/11, 2021 

from 09.30 – 11.00 CET (10:30-12 p.m Israel time)
Application Deadline Sunday 29 Mar 2021

Who can attend? – 20 Students from all over the world – Participation is free of charge Click here

JOIN US FOR THIS FREE International Online Workshop on Democracy, Politics and Change.

What’s the difference between democracy and politics? Who and what is governing us? How can we change it, if we want to?

This experiential course meets on Thursdays: 4.2.21, 18.2.21, 4.3.21, 18.3.21, 25.3.21

09.30 – 11.00 CET (10:30-12 p.m Israel time)

Who is eligible? 20 Students from all over the world. Click here

Racism- Ethnicity-Nationalism and Democracy” An Online Course with Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman

Race, ethnicity, and nationalism are three very significant and powerful concepts in our world. The fact that these terms, like other constructs, are discursive means that they change their meaning and their significance. But it does not mean that they have lost their meaning. Our world is shaped by constructs that characterize others and us; these constructs ascribe meaning to commonalities and differences.  click here

Democracy in Israel is in crisis. We’re fearful for its future. The Adam Institute is drawing on its decades of experience in democracy education to address the pressing challenges surfacing in this current crisis. . For more information, click here

Peace Journalism Program 2018-2020: Media Impacting Conflict Transformation – 2020 cohort

The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace (AI) and Israel Social Television (ISTV) introduce their new joint project on “Peace Journalism” to train young Israeli media persons as advocators of peace who are committed to conflict transformation within the Middle East. Implemented over three years and funded by the EU. The program provides knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as effective conflict resolution strategies. Participants get objective insight into one of the most complicated issues in the world, obtain practical tools needed to succeed in the media realm, and receive the opportunity to create unbiased media material through the guidance of the ISTV. for more infomation clik here

Empowering Bedouin Women to Become Decision-Makers​

A unique and challenging project has been implemented by Adam Institute together with Amerat of the Desert, a local Bedouin Women NGO. The project aimed to address the exclusion of Bedouin women from decision-making positions at the local levels, specifically in local Bedouin councils in the Negev. At the first phase, 89 Bedouin women (5 groups) participated in the training courses that provided necessary tools and skills for to independently participate and voice their opinions for the 2018 local council elections and beyond.

The program is funded by MEPI (U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative).


“Words Matter” – Educting About and For Freedom of Expression

“Words Matter” is a two-year (2015-2017) comprehensive educational action aimed at promoting freedom of expression and preventing hate speech and incitement. Collaborating with ACRI – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, we structured the program to target diverse sectors of Israeli society, Jewish and Arab alike. Operating top-down, the program engages policymakers with the most influence in the Israeli government. These leaders can will their constituents towards an accepting, open-minded society. Operating bottom-up, it trains and empowers educators and student peer-leaders, in addition to providing educational programs for middle and high school students. These students and teachers can spark an Israeli future where the voicing of personal opinions, viewpoints, and perspectives is not criticized but is celebrated.

Dialogue in Mixed Cities – Innovative Encounters

The conference Dialogue in Mixed Cities – Innovative Encounters is a joint initiative of The Jerusalem FoundationThe Adam Institute for Democracy & Peace, and Besod Siach – The Association of Dialogue between Groups in Conflict). This was the fifth conference in a series about joint living in mixed cities. This year’s conference focused on Israeli society as a multi-cultural and national cultural society, and innovative ways to foster dialogue among the different groups and sectors. ;  Facebook