Media Impacting Conflict Transformation

With the end of the first year, 55 dedicated men and women have completed the program and are now dedicated peace journalists. They were provided with in-depth knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, professional media work approaches, and effective conflict resolution strategies for heated confrontation. The Adam Institute and ISTV also supported these media persons in producing their own media products in line with peace journalism and disseminate them at the local, regional and global levels. Ranging from ultra-orthodox Jews to Bedouin Israelis, these media persons have submitted 30 media pieces, available here, such as videos, radio pieces or social media posts, to improve awareness of the true nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict. These tangible outputs, as well as the intangible, diverse connections made throughout the process, made the first year of the program incredibly successful.

During the program, the participants learned valuable lessons from both the training seminars and the production of Peace Journalism material. The program’s 4 sections of comprehensive educational activities taught the diverse trainees relevant lessons they will hold to for the rest of their careers. They explored in depth the gender inequality within the media, the exclusion of weakened populations from the media, the importance of freedom of expression towards effective democracy, and the environmental issues facing the complex Gaza border. From applying this newfound knowledge to unbiased, informative media products, the trainees gained a deeper understanding of some of the biggest concerns surrounding the Israeli-Palestine conflict. They gained sizable insight regarding minority rights issues, national law conflicts, widespread Arab discrimination, Arabic transportation obstacles, evacuation controversies, heated Arab-Jewish land disputes, and LGBTQ rights struggles. The Adam Institute and the ISTV hope these 55 honorable media persons will carry this newfound intelligence into their journalistic pursuits for centuries to come.

Currently in its second year, the program contains 60 motivated journalists and activists who continue to learn and advance their skills in fighting negative media bias.