Prof. Daphna Hacker, Head of the Women and Gender Studies Program, Professor in the Law Faculty, Tel Aviv University: “At Dr. Uki Maroshek’s facilitators training, I was shocked to discover how undemocratic I was. Ever since, I’ve tried to implement humane reflexiveness as a way of life. “Betzavta” was the center of one of my first articles that dealt with dilemmic feminism, just one example of the Adam Institute’s profound influence on my thinking and actions. The Adam Institute has been an ongoing torch of light, morality and hope; during these challenging days for democracy, nothing is more important.”

Marett Klahn, Betzavta facilitator and researcher:

״Betzavta is a unique educational method and perspective for 

teaching democracy in a 

complex and holistic way. By constantly seeking and seeing the connection between content and group dynamics and by creating social dilemmas, the learning extends beyond the cognitive. As a facilitator, I can make everything and everybody in the course a source of learning and use it for increased reflexiveness and agency for freedom & equality for all.״

Juergen Schlicher, CEO Diversity Works, Germany: “The course material/learning style showed me different perspectives on how a pandemic can shape democracy. Dr. Maroshek helps participants understand the complexity of restricting and loosening freedom rights. Especially when you try to not discriminate against groups. A poignant online experience.”

Laura Sedda, educator, a facility for families, VKE association, South Tyrol, Bolzano, Italy

I learned to take greater responsibility rather than simply obey rules due to external pressure. I was able to better withstand my fear of getting sick and lead myself and my coworkers to live consciously and care for each other.”

Ameera, Palestinian Coordinator of Tomorrow’s Women

“One of the fruits of the lockdown was getting to know the Adam Institute. I’ve already taken three courses; each is unique. “Betzavta” allows us to gain from Uki’s vast experience – and learn from each other. The learning continues before, during and after each class session. I’m still processing knowledge gleaned on the topics we explored, be it racism, women’s narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how to teach the effects of war.”

Rosa Parks sits at the front of a bus following the end of racial segregation in public transportation

Noa Ma’ayan, Codirector, Tomorrow’s Women, on the  Racism and Democracy course: “I discovered the complexity of racism, ethnicity and nationalism, and found that complexity within me. Uki skillfully led us through intricate issues, untying knots in a tangled woolen ball, attentive to nuance, layer and subtlety. Take a “Betzavta” course for your own development and for a humane, just society.”

Nirit Oren Sternberg, co-director of HAMZPEN – The Compass, a nonprofit for nonviolent communication, and peace activist.

The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace is committed to educating for democracy out of a deep recognition of the value of every person. Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman has created a wonderful humanistic, experiential model called “Betzavta”, Hebrew for together. The connections fostered among participants, listening and mutual sharing of thoughts and questions, thoughts and worldviews facilitate an unmediated and exciting dialogue that holistically connects what’s in the heart and mind.
Uki is that rare educator who teaches with sensitivity, wisdom, gentleness and determination. You’d be amazed what can be accomplished online.
It is a meaningful and inspiring experience, not to be missed.

Prof. Dr. Tilman Eckloff, Professor of Social Psychology at Business and Law School Berlin, Managing Partner at re|spic|ere and Betzavta Training Supervisor

“Every new facilitator training with Dr. Maroshek-Klarman feels like a unique masterclass on Betzavta. Every training deepens and broadens my understanding of

democracy on three interrelated levels: on a very personal level; on the level of belonging to various subgroups, with each holding different positions of power; and finally, on the level of forming an overarching greater whole. These trainings radically demonstrate our need to adapt to the latest societal and political developments. I’m always enlightened – both as a Betzavta training supervisor and as a human being.”

Leonie-Anna-Marie Kasper, student and volunteer, Germany: “This seminar made me question things I’d never considered discussable. A few ‘clicks’ in the head, some slowly and others I haven’t yet noticed. Instead of listening to facts, we discussed questions and presented our opinions. I understood that establishing equality isn’t the most practical or, for some, the most “logical” way. I realized I’d prioritized practicality over equality.”

Hellena Bigos, intern, Akademie für Philosophische Bildung und WerteDialog, Germany:

“I thought feminism was a fixed construct of ideas and ideologies, showing me the world’s rights and wrongs. Things that weren’t obviously feministic were wrong. I learned that feminism is flexible. It’s the wish for all genders to have equal opportunity—and not suffer discrimination for a position not chosen by the majority.”

Patrycja Pendrakowska, Founder and Head of the Boym Institute of Asian and Global Studies, Poland:

“This course encouraged me to bring actual change. At the Boym Institute of Asian and Global Studies, we initiated #WomeninBoym to highlight less-visible women’s opinions, research and writing. ‘Betzavta’ taught me to be more humble, inclusive and understanding towards my team’s needs and the think-tank milieu. I work more effectively cross-culturally with people from India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and Israel. ‘Betzavta’ is second to none. Thank you, Adam Institute!”


Rachel Suissa, peace activist, Women Wage Peace – Huge gratitude to Uki for this course!

Through excellent low-key facilitation she created a safe 

container very fast in which personal, even secret thoughts found a way to be shared. Her approach to conflict 

resolution differs dramatically from what we hear from all other sources. It opens up the minds of the participants to new aspects, new perspectives!”

JACQUELINE NOLAN, leadership and development facilitator: “Conflict Resolution through the Prism of Gender”

“Heart-warming and encouraging to see how Dr Uki Maroshek-Klarman’s clearly defined methods tapped into a universality of  humanity, and enabled honest self-expression and the formation of new, yet tangible, approaches to conflict. The sessions were skillfully facilitated, interesting to be part of. Uki created a really safe environment, and everyone felt free to speak up and from the heart.”

Oleksandra Voychyshyn,  principal, Zalishchyky State Gimnasia, Ukraine.

The role of education is enormous in fostering peace. This course gave me educational tools to support our children during these stressful times in Ukraine. I learned how to create a calmer and safer learning environment through simple and practical stress-reduction tools, strategies for a better teaching experience.. Let’s make our planet a safer and more peaceful place.


Dr.-Ing. André Baier

Philosopher and Democracy Educator

Teaching with “Betzavta – Adam Institute’s facilitation method” has helped me to convey essential principles, theories and practices of democracy to my university students. This is especially needed, as universities must play a vital role upholding democratic processes and further democratizing our societies since this might be our only chance to ensure a social-ecological transformation despite all the man-made odds we face.